Manitobans Unite!

TobaSquad Unites 6 Licensed Producers

  • Alicanto Gardens
  • Cypress Craft
  • Grump Weed
  • Kief Cannabis
  • Natural Earth Craft Cannabis
  • Prairie Trichomes
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Canada’s First-Ever Not-For-Profit Cannabis Products.

Brought Together for One Purpose

TobaSquad will be a union of 6 Manitoba Licensed Producers coming together to launch a line of pre-rolled joints and other cannabis products.

It will include flower sourced from Alicanto Gardens, Cypress Craft, Grump Weed, Kief Cannabis, Natural Earth Craft Cannabis, and Prairie Trichomes.

TobaGrown is aiming to have TobaSquad on the shelves in Manitoba this Summer.

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Comments from our Friends

“We are happy to be a part of the TobaGrown movement. As a locally owned Manitoba craft cannabis company, we are excited to team up with other local businesses to help generate revenue for Manitoba Charities. Jesse at TobaGrown has done good things for the community, and it’s great to see his skills and expertise being used for another worthy cause. We can’t wait to get some of our premium, pesticide-free, aeroponics cannabis into the TobaGrown brand.” said David Hargreaves, CEO and President of Grump Weed Inc.

“Alicanto Gardens is proud to support the TobaGrown not-for-profit movement in the cannabis community and Manitoba charities with our Manitoba grown, high-quality craft cannabis flower. We are excited to team up with other Cannabis Craft growers to support TobaGrown in their efforts to improve and change the Manitoba laws regarding the home-growing of cannabis” said the Alicanto Gardens Team.

“We are excited to be working with TobaGrown, showcasing the high-quality cannabis that Manitoba produces. There is a lot of potential here for us all to chase our passion for growing and journey together in a new market,” says Adam Carritt, Cultivation Operations Manager and RP at Prairie Trichomes.

“We as a company believe strongly in Jesse’s cause, and are proud to have the opportunity to contribute our craft cannabis towards supporting it. Now, more than ever it is so important to support local business and valuable causes.” said Tim Doerksen,
Vice President of Natural Earth Craft Cannabis. “It’s an honor for us to be sporting the TobaGrown brand in collaboration with other great craft growers in Manitoba.”

“We have partnered with TobaGrown to create Canada’s first-ever not-for-profit cannabis products using our high-quality, small-batch flower. TobaGrown is doing a fantastic job of creating awareness and demanding a change in the current laws surrounding the personal cultivation of cannabis. Our team is proud to support the cannabis community and multiple Manitoba charities with our products.“ says Bryce Oliver, Master Grower at Cypress Craft.

Manitoba Dispensaries Who’ve Agreed To Carry Our Products

  • 204 Cannabis Virden
  • AAAAA Supercraft
  • Atomic Flower
  • Babette’s Cannabis
  • Big Buds
  • Black Tie Cannabis
  • Canna Cabana
  • CANACity Cannabis
  • Jupiter Cannabis
  • Character Cannabis
  • CottonTail Cannabis
  • Eden
  • Farmer Jane
  • Fiddlers Green
  • Flamingo Cannabis
  • Garden Variety
  • Happy Valley Cannabis
  • KushKlub
  • Lux Leaf


  • My Two Sons
  • Prairie Trichomes
  • Rasta Lady Cannabis
  • Rural Buds
  • Spiritleaf
  • Starbuds
  • The Joint Cannabis
  • Uncle Sam’s Cannabis

Once TobaGrown raises enough funds for the Constitutional Challenges with these products, TobaGrown will donate all the remaining profits to the following charities:

Habitat for
Humanity Manitoba

Seth Rogan’s
Hilarity for Charity

Manitoba Metis
Heritage Fund


True North

TobaGrown has partnered with CannMart, a sales-only Licensed Producer based in Ontario, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lifeist Wellness Inc., whereby CannMart will sell the end products of TobaGrown and its cultivation partners into the Manitoba market through the MBLL. 

Cannmart will receive the cannabis that TobaGrown has sourced, they will roll it into joints and sell it into the Manitoba dispensaries on TobaGrown’s behalf.

Comment from Cannmart:

“CannMart believes strongly in the democratization of cannabis for all Canadians,” added Daniel Stern, CEO of CannMart. “We couldn’t be more pleased to partner with TobaGrown on a meaningful cause that will help move the needle to allow for all Canadians to have equal rights when it comes to personal production of cannabis. This not-for-profit initiative is an industry first, a great cause to support, and something we are proud to be a part of.”

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